Class 3A Feature Athlete (Sept. 25)

Name: Hannah Engelman
High School: Central Valley
Grade: 12
Position: Outside Hitter

Background Info: Engelman is a senior on the Lady Warriors volleyball team. In her time on the team, she has been one of the consistent leaders, both on and off the court. Her personal drive for success extends from the classroom, with a GPA of 3.45, a member of the women’s basketball team, homecoming court and continued presence on the honor roll, Engelman shows she will be successful in any direction her life may take her. Hannah has spent the past two seasons as a varsity starter and leader. She established herself as a leader and team player by spending the past off season and many endless hours developing her skills as well as the skills of those around her. She worked tirelessly throughout the off season, to prove to her critics, herself being her worst, that she wants to and should be the one that opponents have to deal with when it pertains to the Warrior’s offense. Engelman has honed her skill set on defense and has made it clear to all that she wants her teammates to lean on her when the pressure builds. She is one of many components that have contributed to the Lady Warriors recent success the past few seasons, as she was a letterman on varsity in her junior and senior seasons. She has shown on the court she is a weapon for both the offensive and defensive side of the game.

Quotes from Central Valley coach Sean Cleary: "As a coach it is always one of the best feelings and moments when you realize you have a group of young athletes that are willing to put in the time and effort to realize their potential. Having the desire and work ethic to become the best they each can be is something that cannot be taught and that is brought from within each individual athlete. Hannah has shown she is and wanted to be one of our leaders and has become one of the crutches of the program. Hannah is very competitive and intelligent, she has loads of emotion and incredible amounts of high energy, she always goes all out and those are an amazing group of intangibles to possess. She has challenged herself and grown incredibly to possess court presence and maturity beyond her volleyball years. She is one of the reasons I love to coach, she brings all of the intangibles to the court that you typically see from a more experienced and seasoned athlete. As a senior this year Hannah was thrown a hurdle due to a coaching change and changes within the system, she had become accustomed. Hannah and the entire program were thrown into an offensive system that she had never been asked to run or even had heard of before and she embraced the challenge and has now become our go to leader and offensive weapon. She has been a breath of fresh air from the first days of our off-season workouts and has always pushed herself as well as her teammates to achieve the goals and overcome the adversity set in front of them. Hannah has been amazing to coach and the program will be very successful this season because of her and the other senior leadership. Hannah is one of the most athletic players I have ever had the honor to coach, she will be a force to contend with this season and I am excited to see where and how she and the season continue to progress."