Class 2A Feature Athlete (April 12)

Name: Keagan Kyper
High School: Gateway
Grade: 12
Position: Libero

Background Info: Kyper is a three-year starter and team captain for Gateway. Last season, his play earned him recognition as a 2A Section 2 All-Star. Additionally, he is a constant fixture on the Distinguished Honor Roll with a 4.00 GPA, a member of the National Honor Society, a member of the Student Government Association, a member of the Interact (community service) Club, and a multi-year starter and captain of the boys soccer team here at Gateway High School, as well.

Quotes from Gateway coach Phil Randolph: "Keagan Kyper is the heart of our program here at GHS. On and off the court, Keagan leads by example in ways big and small. Not only will you find him throwing his body around on the court during drills and match play but also you'll readily find him patiently helping the younger guys so that they can - hopefully - one day begin to fill the shoes that he will be leaving behind. When you ask Keagan to make an adjustment or to target a spot on the court, the answer is always, "yes, Coach," and when Keagan eyes something that I might have missed, he is the first one to speak up in the huddle and help us to collectively see the avenues that we can look to exploit. Moreover, no matter how hectic or intense a match might be, Keagan always keeps his head calm, cool, and collected. On the rare instances where he mishandles or misjudges a ball, he allows himself to immediately forget the mistake but to remember the adjustment, and - as evidenced by his academic excellence and accolades - he's a really fast learner to say the least. It's not hard to find kids who are either really likable, really coachable, or really athletic, but it is becoming increasingly rare to find someone who checks all those boxes. Keagan checks all of those boxes and more, and there is no one whom I'd rather have at the heart of our defense than this kid. In every sense, this program is better because Keagan has left his fingerprints all over it."